8 Feb 2017


Certificates New in 2016

Given the sluggish global economic conditions, OMS as a Group has experienced a decline in the volume of our business. Yet, our 3 pillars – compliance, quality and safety, continue to be our key focus in our business operations, even during this downturn.

Ongoing resources been invested to improve our quality, specifically in obtaining certification in new/unfamiliar areas, so as to add value to our customers in this dynamic industry. OMS seeks to consistently provide products, services and solutions that match industry standards and customer requirements.

In 2016, besides the periodic renewal/audits by our partners, OMS has also successfully obtained new certifications/licenses for the following:    

 All locations are now certified with API Monogram Licenses, including Johor (see Table 1 below).  Duri (Indonesia), the latest addition to OMS Group, is the 1st location to obtain the API 6A monogram.  In 2017, OMS will continue to strive to improve the effectiveness of our Quality system to the satisfaction of our customers, through this industry standard.

Table 1 - as of January 2017: