Integrity Code

The Importance of Integrity and Compliance

OMS depends on its customers, suppliers, vendors, contractors and other members of the community to do business. For OMS to succeed in a complex and competitive global environment it depends on our people and the way we conduct our business. We must earn the trust of the people that we serve to provide what they need not only for today or tomorrow but each and every day. Our customers have high expectations of our integrity in striving to provide them the highest quality product and services possible.

OMS’ Integrity Code and compliance policies must be read in conjunction with SCAO Compliance Manual (April 2013 edition) and any other updates thereafter; however, do expect some of our policies to exceed the requirements of our parent company, Sumitomo Corporation. We operate in a variety of situations in the global environment, from straightforward to very varied and complex, under different laws and regulations in different countries. Regardless of the difficulty and complexity of the situation that we may encounter, we must always conduct every business transaction above board with integrity and in full compliance with the laws of the host country.

As employees, integrity is a personal responsibility and I would like to reiterate that we must conduct our business legitimately, honestly and openly so that others can follow through every transaction without inner reservations. We must also do what we said we would do right and behave in a consistent manner that is exemplary to help develop mutual trust and respect with both internal and external customers.

“the right to do something does not mean that doing it is right” – William Safire

We may not be able to cover every law or policy that may apply to your job but I am confident that we will be able to bring compliance and integrity at OMS to the highest level possible. This is not difficult as it takes less time to do the right thing than it does to explain why you did it wrong in the first place. I know all of us have the interest of the company at heart and I look forward to enjoying the challenges to pride ourselves in the success of OMS.

How Meng Hock
President & CEO