Casing Connectors

Casing Connectors

Conductor and Surface Casing Connectors

Besides premium threading and repair services, OMS is also in the business of engineering, designing and manufacturing of conductor connectors for oil drilling and production.

OMS has a long and distinguished supply record for Conductor and Surface Casing with its own proprietary weld-on connections, to over 50 oil companies globally. The JV and CC suite of connections have been the hallmark of manufacturing excellence for over 3 decades and have been continually improved and developed. These connectors are truly field proven with over 250,000 sets supplied to our customers from our manufacturing centers in Singapore and Saudi Arabia. The connectors diameter ranges are avaliable from 16 to 36 inches where the JV connectors are a threaded type and the CC connectors are a weight set or stab in type.

“JV” Connector

Casing 1

The JV-DD threaded type connectors come in a variety of models and can be configured to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Single or Multi start, Flush OD and Anti Rotation Key options are available. The JV-DD is a dual load shoulder connection, is drivable and has improved SCF values over the legacy JV-LW models. The unique design will minimize hoop stress in the box and also lower tensile stress in the pin. The connectors have a rugged thread form, therefore less susceptible to handling damage, easy to stab and the potential of cross threading becomes highly unlikely.


The JV-DD2S is a 2-start connector. Upon request, the JV-DD with 2-start thread form can be offered. This version reduces make-up turns by 50%.


The CC is a ‘stab-in’ automatic lock and mechanical release type connector.

It is designed to be used in a wide variety of applications where torque make up capability is limited or in minimal fatigue requirements.

All these connectors have been used for many years in all areas of oil exploration, production and development. They are sold either separately, welded to our pipe or welded to customer-supplied pipe. On-site welding can be performed on request and OMS’ satellite network is able to serve various locations throughout the world.

Our connector product line offers two types of basic configurations i.e. reduced bore or full bore. They are available in standard sizes ranging from 16” to 36”. However, special sizes or configurations can be manufactured to meet any other specific requirements.

Casing 3

Features Of The JV-DD Threaded Connector:

  • High strength design
  • No cross threading
  • Rugged thread form
  • Dual shoulders & driveable
  • Effective pressure sealing
  • Reusable
  • Compound radius at landing shoulder
  • Lower overall stresses
  • Self - locking thread
  • Under tension release torque exceeds make up torque
  • Complete reliability
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Features Of The "CC" Stab Type Connector:

  • Save expensive rig time
  • Easy stabbing characteristics
  • Automatic lock / mechanical release
  • Requires no rotation or torque
  • Driveable and reusable
  • Pressure tight seal
  • Rugged high strength design
  • Field proven in the roughest environment